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ACT Planning Strategy

The Planning Strategy was adopted by the ACT Government on 26 June 2012. It replaces the Canberra Spatial Plan.

A planning strategy provides long-term planning policy and goals to promote orderly and sustainable development, consistent with the social, environmental and economic aspirations of the people. A long-term planning strategy is required under the Planning and Development Act 2007

Planning strategy documents

Planning Strategy Snapshot (5.2 MB)
2012 Planning Strategy - full version (4.6 MB)

2012 Planning Strategy split version

Transitional planning strategy

The most recent Transport for Canberra policy was released on 19 March 2012.

Background information

These studies and reports were used in the development of the Planning Strategy.

Background papers

Draft planning strategy


The planning strategy must be considered when varying the statement of strategic directions in the Territory Plan and when preparing variations to the Territory Plan. It is not applicable to decisions on development applications or compliance actions.

Review of planning strategy

Every five years, the Executive must consider whether the Territory Plan needs to be reviewed.



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