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List of Professionals


Design and construction professionals listed below need to be licensed, registered or accredited to work in the ACT. The lists below are updated weekly to reflect changes to the number of professionals licensed or registered.

Before working with a professional, be sure to read about employing a professional. You should also be aware that design and construction professionals have professional responsibilities. Should you have any concerns about a professional, you can contact us.

List of professionals

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Current List

Architects  List of registered architects (PDF file - 211.4 KB)

Asbestos assessors

List of licensed asbestos assessors (PDF file - 129.9 KB)

Asbestos removalists

List of licensed asbestos removalists (PDF file - 126.8 KB)


List of licensed builders (PDF file - 2.2 MB)

Building assessors

List of licensed building assessors (PDF file - 109.0 KB)


List of licensed certifiers (PDF file - 137.2 KB)


List of licensed electricians (PDF file - 1.7 MB)


List of accredited gas appliance workers (PDF file - 87.6 KB)

Plumbers, gasfitters and drainers

List of licensed gasfitters, plumbers and drainers (PDF file - 1.5 MB)

Registered Land Surveyors

List of licensed Registered Land surveyors (PDF file - 48.5 KB)

Works assessors

note: certifiers (building surveyors) can also do works assessment work

List of active works assessor licenses (PDF file - 33.6 KB)


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The Planning Institute of Australia is the peak body representing professions involved in planning Australia’s cities, towns, regions and places.


The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand is a non-profit, independent professional association whose primary purpose is to advance ethical and competent environmental practice.



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