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Energy efficiency for house sales

If you are about to sell a dwelling you occupy or has been occupied or rented to tenants, you need to disclose to prospective purchasers the current level of energy performance of the dwelling.

Range of ratings

The energy efficiency rating (EER) of a dwelling can be from zero to six stars – the higher the number of stars, the better.

Use of EER Statement

Once an EER Statement has been obtained, you need to:

  • include the EER value in all sales advertising of the property; for example, EER 3
  • provide a copy of the EER Statement to the purchaser
  • ensure that the EER Statement forms part of the contract for sale.

Get an EER Statement

You will need to employ an accredited energy assessor to provide you with an EER Statement.

Get help

If no rating has been made on the house before, you can purchase an energy rating package, which will provide a copy of building plans and relevant documents that will help your accredited energy assessor give the building a rating. An energy rating package can be purchased by:

How to begin

You need to find an accredited energy assessor and contact us to find out if a previous rating has been made that is recorded on file. You will need to know your suburb, section and block number. New energy ratings that are provided to us will be kept on file for future property owners.



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