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Belconnen town centre

Belconnen town centre improvements fact sheet

Belconnen town centre improvements map

Since the release of the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan in 2001, the Territory has worked with business and community interests to achieve transport and urban design improvements in Belconnen town centre.

Agreement with Westfield

The ACT Government has entered into an agreement with Westfield to incorporate a new bus station as part of an upgraded shopping centre in the town centre. This private sector investment provides the impetus for the Territory to improve road and pedestrian connections between Emu Bank and Lathlain Street and to replace the existing bus interchange with a new bus station that supplements the retail station by providing convenient and safe connections to office employment and community facilities such as the Belconnen Health Centre and the library. This is in line with the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan. 

Design concept report

Proposals for Belconnen are supported by the Design concept report for Belconnen town centre public transport improvements and transit oriented developments March 2008 (PDF 14MB). Attachments to this report are:

This report is stored in the Reports and studies section of this web site under B for Belconnen.

Territory Plan Variation 

Territory Variation 289 - Belconnen Town Centre commenced on 5 September 2008. Details about the variation are available on the approved variations page.



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